You have been arrested. 

The immediate aggravation, confusion, and inconvenience of being arrested and taken to jail has passed over.

You now are seeing the situation for what it is:

  1. The government has accused you
  2. Because of this accusation you are in danger of going to jail/prison
  3. You go to meet with an assigned public defender from the courts
  4. you realize that this person has a tremendous influence over your future
  5. The idea scares you because you have no influence over theirs
  6. You say to yourself if I had the knowledge and qualifications as this public defender then I would do a better job because I have more motivation to fight for my own freedom than this person does.

I am here to tell you that you are right. Obviously you are more motivated to fight for your own freedom than someone doing it for a paycheck.

I am a board certified expert criminal trial attorney in the state of florida.  I have tried over around 150 cases jury to verdict.  I spent my entire career as an Assistant Public Defender.  I saw first hand daily the biggest problem in the criminal justice system. 

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I did not choose my clients and my clients did not choose me.  I wasn’t there for them when they were arrested, and I wasn’t therefore them the first time they were taken in front of a Judge.  In fact I may have not been there for them until the government decided to file charges.

Likely because they were searching for someone, a private attorney, to take there case.  I was the final option, and after my first couple of weeks on the job I knew I was the final option, it was my starting point.  This was not a person I had to convince to trust me, I was the last resort.

I took the “So lets get to it then” approach.  In my mind what choice did I have?  I certainly appreciated the desire to have their own lawyer. and did not feel it was a good use of my time to try and convince someone to trust me when I knew it would be disingenuine . 

This website is about you.  However, indulge me a moment to defend not just myself but my public defenders collogues in general.  I have x # of cases assigned to me, the number is not important because there will be more coming.  The new intake rate of cases will not be influenced by how long I spend with anyone client.  In other words, if I take twice as long with a client investing time to build a relationship (i.e. trust), with a client than other attorneys in my office I will not then be assigned half as many cases. 

I must make a decision.  A decision that takes into other considerations and other people.  My boss, other clients, and even myself.  Do I spend more time developing this relationship at the risk of slowing my resolution of cases, spending time on other cases, or spending time with my family.  My paycheck will be the same.

This is the problem.  And I am here to give you options. You want to do it yourself?  If you are ready to put the investment of time and work in then I owe it to give the tools.  Lets go

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