I want to help you help yourself:

Because no one help as much as one can help themself.

You have been arrested and after the immediate aggravation, confusion, and inconvenience of being arrested and taken to jail has passed over you are scared.

  1. The government has accused you of a crime.
  2. this accusation puts you in danger of losing your freedom.
  3. you are assigned a lawyer by the government.
  4. you do not trust them.
  5. you feel as if you have no control over your own destiny.
  6. you wish you could take control.

You can. I am a Board Certified Expert in Criminal Trial Law and I am here for you. If you wish to pursue your own criminal defense because you do not like your government appointed attorney and do not have the resources to retain a lawyer of your choosing then I have made it my mission to inform, instruct, and guide you through the litigation that lays in front of you.

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